Enjoy with your family!!!

Marina d’Or is so cool!

Discover, guided by our mascots and all our characters, the Children’s Paradise that guarantees joy and fun for the whole family with a multitude of activities for everyone.

Mundo Fantasía will delight the little ones and Parque Aventura d’Or will put the most intrepid to the test. In addition, Pequemundo, an exclusive area for children’s games and parents’ rest; and the Miniclub, guaranteed fun in a common play area for all children.

The most recent parks, Jardín Encantado (Enchanted Garden), organised in 7 Kingdoms, transports you to a magical world where you will feel like a child again and, of course, the Polinesia Water Park, with 54 new activities and different attractions.

The beach, the Gardens, the marvellous green areas, children’s play areas, the sports and nautical area make up an incomparable setting for the enjoyment of young and old alike.

Find out about the calendar and opening times depending on the season.

Marina d’Or has 8 amusement and leisure parks.


Fantasy world

The Mundo Fantasía children’s park will delight the youngest members of the family. It has countless attractions such as its 4D cinema, boats on water or bumper cars.

In the surrounding area you will find shops decorated in a fantasy atmosphere, ideal for children’s fun and imagination. The terrace of the Pirate Ship is the ideal place to enjoy refreshments and ice cream.

The park is open on weekends, national holidays and summer.

TICKET PRICES: (with all the facilities except the 4D Cinema and those that require coins)

  • Over 150 cm: 23€ (1/2 day 16€)
  • Between 110 and 150 cm: 29€ (1/2 day 23€)
  • Less than 110 cm: 23€ (1/2 day 18€)

Adventure Park d'Or

An amusement park for children aged 9 and over, with lots of fun attractions that they will love: the Adventure Path, the Shuttle, the Rocodrome, the Aerial Train and much more.

You can also find a ball pool for the little ones. There is a restaurant with light meals and snacks.

Get ready for adventure!


  • Under 120 cm: €13
  • Between 120 and 140 cm: 19€.
  • Between 140 and 150 cm: 21€.
  • Adults or over 12 years old: 23€.

Polynesia Water Park

In the heart of Marina d’Or, you will find an impressive water park that will immerse you in a refreshing journey, transporting you to a true paradise of aquatic adventure.
The park has an indoor area (heated, which can be opened at any time of the year) and an outdoor area to enjoy in the summer.

It has 54 different activities and attractions.

Only during the summer season.

    • Over 140cm: 32.50€ (half day: 26.50€)
    • Between 90 and 140cm: 26.50€ (half day: 21.50€)
    • Retired/disabled persons: 26.50€ (half day: 21.50€)
    • Under 90cm: FREE

Enchanted Garden

Certified by the Jaume I University as the only one of its kind in the world. The Enchanted Garden of Marina d’Or transports you to a magical world where you will feel like a child again. It offers Tales of always, Flowers, Butterflies and other prodigies, Fairies and Goblins, the World of Gnomes, the Kingdom of Camelot, Mythological Beings and the Corner of Love.


Adults: € 15.90 (Entry with basic drink)
Children (up to 140 cm): € 12
Children (up to 90 cm): FREE



Located on the first floor of the 5-star hotel, it is the perfect place for your children to have fun in a playful and educational space. And most importantly, it is supervised by professionals while you can spend that time enjoying activities more appropriate for adults, such as the spa or the Specialised Medical Centre for Health and Beauty. But it is also a fun option for them, if you want them to have a fun and different time.

Everyone can access the hotel playroom even if they are not guests.
Price of the playroom: 5€ / hour

Emotion Park

Composed of two different zones:
– Karts Circuit: Live a unique experience at full speed through the Marina d´Or Karts circuit.
Adult ticket: € 22.50
Child ticket (from 125 cm and up to 12 years): € 16.50

-Wipe-Out: The fun adventures of Humor Amarillo in a park for a festive day.

Adult ticket: € 24.90

Child ticket (from 125 cm and up to 12 years): € 21.90


Shows in Marina d'Or

In the Marina d’Or Gardens, in a natural setting surrounded by vegetation and the animals that inhabit the Gardens, you can enjoy the shows that Marina d’Or has prepared for all visitors every night. You can consult the schedules and shows directly at the reception of the hotels. 

This event is free of charge with limited capacity.

4D cinema

Located inside Fantasy World, the 4D cinema combines the thrill of four-dimensional cinema thanks to its seats, which accompany the images with movement, making the experience truly unforgettable.

There are several films available in this special cinema – can you take them all in?

Although it is located inside Fantasy World, admission is separate and costs €3 per person, regardless of age or height.


Float parade

A grand parade of floats adorned with thousands of coloured lights winds through the streets of Marina d’Or to amaze the little ones at sunset. Accompanied by music, dances, acrobats and all the magic of Marina d’Or, the parade is a must on your visit.

Check the timetable and calendar for more information.

This event is free of charge

Peque Mundo

This park has been specially designed for the youngest members of the family. It has a cafeteria and terrace so that parents can relax while the children have a great time. Ball pools, bouncy castles and everything they could wish for can be found here. 

If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday here, you can have a party with a snack, cake and crown!
In addition, the Marina d’Or mascots often visit Pequemundo.

  • Admission for children (from 2 to 12 years old) : 16.50€.
  • Adults using the attractions: 20€.
  • Accompanying adults: FREE

Europe's largest saltwater spa

The king of Marina d’Or, without discussion: benefit from the properties of seawater as a source of beauty, health and wellbeing.

At the Marina d’Or Spa, you can enjoy a unique and relaxing experience, taking in an extensive circuit of pools, jacuzzis, hot tubes, showers, steam baths, flotarium, heliotherapy… Enjoy the largest seawater spa in Europe with 192 treatments and 36 different services.

  • Adults in the leisure area for 3 hours: 30€.
  • Children from 5 to 12 years old in the leisure area for 3 hours: 20€.
  • SPECIAL OFFER 2 LAST HOURS: adults, 26€; children from 5 to 12 years old, 17€.

Spa Kids

New Children’s Area, independent and soundproofed from the spa. Designed for children up to 5 years old. Adults and children over 5 years old enter this area with the same entrance to the spa.


  • From 0 to 5 years old: 11€.
  • From 5 to 12 years old: 19€.